Illuminated outside spaces

    Today we dedicate this article to the lighting of outside spaces.  A different lighting, that in addition to illuminating, they integrate and decorate their surroundings. Sypha The Enzo […]

    Biophilic Design

    What is biophilic design? It is a concept that tries to create a link with architecture and nature. Evolution has made us move rural spaces to the urban […]

    Invisible Architecture

    Invisible architecture, is what the architects Kersten Geers and David Van Severen felt when they were commissioned to make the project of a holiday residence in a large […]

    Evolution of cities – The street for pedestrians

    Every day there are more cities that care about sustainability, the climate change is happening and we must take measures to protect our planet. years ago, cars have […]

    New sustainable materials – New sustainable constructions

    Climate change is something that worries us a lot, in the architecture we are innovating in projects designs, materials…. to optimize the energies that we have at our […]


    The concept of a façade as a structural and heavy element has disappeared, and has become a skin, an envelope that in addition to being a structural element, […]


    Smartflower is a new solar panel design. Its design is a big flower with petals, each of them is a solar panel.  This system is 40-50% more output […]