Urban Design
    Urban Design

    Urban infrastructure – Social spaces

    Columbus Circle, in addition to being an urban infrastructure for road traffic in New York City is also a social space for people, its interior redesigned by the […]

    Illuminated outside spaces

    Today we dedicate this article to the lighting of outside spaces.  A different lighting, that in addition to illuminating, they integrate and decorate their surroundings. Sypha The Enzo […]

    Biophilic Design

    What is biophilic design? It is a concept that tries to create a link with architecture and nature. Evolution has made us move rural spaces to the urban […]


    Emmanuelle Moureaux has created the design concept “Shikari” that means to divide and create space through colors. Emmanuelle is a pasionate architect  about traditional elements and Japanase colors. […]

    Apple Michigan Avenue

    Foster + Partners  has designed a new store in the heart of Chicago, on a grand stairs that connects Pioneer Court with the Chicago river. The stair, the […]

    Evolution of cities – The street for pedestrians

    Every day there are more cities that care about sustainability, the climate change is happening and we must take measures to protect our planet. years ago, cars have […]

    Urban Agora Brussels

    The architects COBE and BRUT won the Project of a new space for the Place Schuman roundabout located in the center of European district of Brussels.  Now, the […]


    Runaway is the winner of Contemporary Arts Santa Barbara Take Part/ Make Art Competition 2017.  Design by Molly Hunker  and Greg Corso, designers and architects. This Project is […]

    LAB 23 Urban Design

    LAB23 designs street furniture, has a wide range of products with contemporary designs and constructive solutions that guarantees quality and durability. They collaborate with an extensive list of designers, including […]