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    New sustainable materials – New sustainable constructions

    IntegralDesingFactory / 13 December, 2017 / Architecture, Bioclimatic, design, Solar energy, Sustainability

    Climate change is something that worries us a lot, in the architecture we are innovating in projects designs, materials…. to optimize the energies that we have at our disposal, where besides creating buildings that consume less, we are algo looking for recycling.

    A very innovative project that has been concerned with a sustainable design is Palazzo Italia, designed by the Nemesi studio for the Expo in Milan in 2015. What makes this building peculiar is the material it is built from, cement plus titanium dioxide. This combination of materials, when in contact with light, captures the different compounds of nitrogen oxides in the air and transforms them into a type of salt that remains isolated on the surface. When it rains, the salt on the surface dissolves, cleaning the facade. That is, this material is capable of being cleaned only with sunlight.

    In addition, the building also has photovoltaic glass, which reduces energy consumption by up to 40% compared to a conventional building.

    Images : Nemesi