PAL CC
    PAL CC

    Alternative Platform for the resolution of Consumer and Construction Litigation

    What is PAL CC?

    PAL CC aimed at resolving the existing conflict between the consumer and the entrepreneur, resident in different Member States of the European Economic Union or in the same national level.

    The system of dispute resolution aimed at resolving the conflict applies the procedures of court settlement of consumer disputes, national and transboundary concerning the obligations under contracts of sale or service provision, signed between an employer and a consumer offering impose or facilitate a solution between the parts.

    However  PAL CC  not attempt to an exclusive system regarding conflicts that might arise within a Member State, whose legislation will be enhanced by the European directive regulating such alternative dispute resolution platform.

    PAL CC born to eradicate the barriers that may hinder consumer access to justice on the basis of three elements:

    – The time spent.

    – The economic cost borne.

    – The efficiency achieved.

    The alternative dispute resolution platform offer therefore the advantages offered by the alternative dispute resolution for consumer as a means of getting a simple, fast and affordable court settlement.

    PAL CC has been created with the aim of guaranteeing involved in any recruitment process, the possibility of conflicts that arise and their claims are a result for our organization, which will provide a procedure for impartial, transparent, effective resolution independent, fast and fair. It will also offer, appropriate to the need for those involved in the hiring rapidly, in terms of decision-making that may become binding.


    PAL CC  consists of a team of multidisciplinary professionals, lawyers, lawyers, arbitrators, experts, economists, which guarantees an extensive knowledge of the subject matter of the dispute, which comes to solve, by applying the basic rules professional experience and know-how.

    Who is it for PAL CC?

    1. Employers aware compliance with the standards of consumer protection and interested in providing professional services in degree of excellence. Interested in reducing their levels of conflict and court costs.
    2. Any consumer citizen, who is involved in the recruitment process whose outcome can not find it satisfactory.

    Process and operative diagram

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