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    We want to present you a hotel that has caught our attention, it is the Punta Caliza hotel, located on Isla HolBox in Mexico and designed by the […]

    Dialogue between Art and World, – Edoardo Tresoldi

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    As Edoardo Tresoldi  tells us, “plays with the transparency of mesh and with industrial materials to transcend the time-space dimension and narrate a dialogue between Art and World, […]

    Urban infrastructure – Social spaces

    Columbus Circle, in addition to being an urban infrastructure for road traffic in New York City is also a social space for people, its interior redesigned by the […]

    Landmark building – Offices “choose your own adventure

    The offices of Expensify in Portland with the motto “choose your own adventure”, pay tribute to the company’s beginnings when they started working in the coffe shops. The […]

    Illuminated outside spaces

    Today we dedicate this article to the lighting of outside spaces.  A different lighting, that in addition to illuminating, they integrate and decorate their surroundings. Sypha The Enzo […]

    Biophilic Design

    What is biophilic design? It is a concept that tries to create a link with architecture and nature. Evolution has made us move rural spaces to the urban […]


    Domaine Des Etangs, is a castle of S. XI with a thousand hectares with , ponds and gardens of dream located in Massignac in France. A privileged place […]

    Apple Store – Roof covers

    Apple Store always stand out for their architecture,design, materials…The architectural studio FOSTER + PARTNERS has designed many of them, located in the most popular streets of major cities such as […]

    Apple roof covers

    Apple store always stand out for their architecture,design, materials…The architectural studio FOSTER + PARTNERS has designed many of them, located in the most popular streets of major cities such as […]

    Architecture adapted to its environment

     AMANGIRI RESORT AND SPA The Amangiri Hotel is in a Grand Canyon in Utah, USA. UU.  Designed by architects  Rick Joy, Marwan Al-Sayed and Wendell Burnette. There are several factors that make […]

    Iluminate spaces ll

    Today the protagonists of the article are the walls and their lighting. We have discovered some wall lamps, where their designs have conquered us. We present them to […]

    The protagonist: the ceilings

    The ceilings each day have more prominence, making us look up and we remain watching with great admiration its decoration and lighting. Below, we present some restaurants where […]


    Phillip K. Smith III, artist and architect, has his studio in Palm Desert, CA y he is konwn for creating large-scale temporary installations base son light. Here we present […]


    The new Jaffa hotel of the Marriot’s chain The Luxury Collection Hotels & Resorts was recently opened in Jaffa south of Tel Aviv, a port city on the […]

    Sofa + Surface

    Surfing sofá designed by LaSelva studio for the company  Mool.mex, stands out for its originality. The designers wanted to use of the 360° of the sofá and for […]

    Invisible Architecture

    Invisible architecture, is what the architects Kersten Geers and David Van Severen felt when they were commissioned to make the project of a holiday residence in a large […]

    Sustainable material in your home – Cork

    Cork is a material that has many advantages for use in your home. Firts of all, it is a sustainable product, 100% natural, ecological, biodegradable and reciclable material. […]


    The pedestrian footbridges  connect spaces, allow the passage of pedestrians over water, traffic routes …. Here we present some catwalks that do not leave the pedestrian indifferent when […]

    Reinforced concrete – School of Architecture – Stuttgart, Germany

    The Architecture Studio Berger Rocker Gork has designed and built the extension of the University of Architecture and Design. The project stands out for its materiality; concrete, glass […]


    Emmanuelle Moureaux has created the design concept “Shikari” that means to divide and create space through colors. Emmanuelle is a pasionate architect  about traditional elements and Japanase colors. […]

    Paper structures 1995

    This article is dedicated to one of the houses designed by the Japanese architect  Shigeru Ban, “Paper House”,  a pioneer in the use of paper tubes as the basis […]

    Paper structures 1995

    This article is dedicated to one of the houses designed by the Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, “Paper House”, a pioneer in the use of paper tubes as the […]

    Contrasts- Rómola Restaurant

    Rómola  is a new restaurant located in one of the best areas of Madrid, designed by architect  Andrés Jaque. The design of Remola is characterized by used of contrasts […]

    Apple Michigan Avenue

    Foster + Partners  has designed a new store in the heart of Chicago, on a grand stairs that connects Pioneer Court with the Chicago river. The stair, the […]

    Evolution of cities – The street for pedestrians

    Every day there are more cities that care about sustainability, the climate change is happening and we must take measures to protect our planet. years ago, cars have […]

    New work spaces 1936

    Now, the companies are renovating their work spaces, leaving behing cubicles and opting for open work spaces.  It is looking a design where the worker feels comfortable in […]

    Urban Agora Brussels

    The architects COBE and BRUT won the Project of a new space for the Place Schuman roundabout located in the center of European district of Brussels.  Now, the […]

    New sustainable materials – New sustainable constructions

    Climate change is something that worries us a lot, in the architecture we are innovating in projects designs, materials…. to optimize the energies that we have at our […]

    Stairs – constructive and decorative element

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    A staircase is a constructive element designed to communicate spaces located at different levels. In addition to being a constructive and functional element, it also becomes a decorative […]


    In today’s article we give you some ideas to illuminate interior spaces with lamps that shine by their own design. BUBBLE BOBBLE LAMP   The Bubble Bobble lamp […]

    Do-Ho Suh

    Do-Ho Suh, Korean artist and sculptor. His works are characterized by the interest of space and the exploration of the use of fabric and steel, where he defies […]


    Lambert and Nicholas, are industrial designers. They are graduates of the University of Montreal. In 2015, they founded their design studio in Montreal. They have won 2017 Phyllis […]


    Shiro Kuramata (1934-1991), Japanese designer and architect. He worked as interior architect and furniture designer, settled in Paris where he created his workshop. He was awarded the “Knight […]

    Carla Chaim

    Carla Chaim graduated in Fine Arts at Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado, 2004, where she also completed a Master’s degree in Art History.  She has won many awards. The […]

    TOMÁS ALONSO_ V&A Chairs

    Tomás Alonso is a designer born in Spain. He studied in London and United States. He is a designer who is caracterized by its simplicity, focuses on functionality […]


    The concept of a façade as a structural and heavy element has disappeared, and has become a skin, an envelope that in addition to being a structural element, […]


    Runaway is the winner of Contemporary Arts Santa Barbara Take Part/ Make Art Competition 2017.  Design by Molly Hunker  and Greg Corso, designers and architects. This Project is […]

    LAB 23 Urban Design

    LAB23 designs street furniture, has a wide range of products with contemporary designs and constructive solutions that guarantees quality and durability. They collaborate with an extensive list of designers, including […]

    The LEGO Experiencie Center

    BIG creator of the LEGO Experience Center, is expected to open its doors this year in mid-September in Bilund, Denmark. The design of the Center is faithful to […]


    Smartflower is a new solar panel design. Its design is a big flower with petals, each of them is a solar panel.  This system is 40-50% more output […]

    The Italian Lab

    The Italian Lab consists of Ramos Bassols and Martin Solem. Ramos Bassols, both industrial designers who offer the public a personal vision on contemporary design looking for the […]

    The Factory

    Ricardo Bofill, architect graduated from the Barcelona  University School of Architecture and the School of Geneva. In 1973, Ricardo Bofill found an abandoned cement factory and decided to […]


    Juli Bolaños-Durman, graphic designer, from Costa Rica. She has now become an Edinburgh glass artist. Winner of other awards such as; Jerwood Makers Open Award 2017, Awarded Exceptional […]

    Neri & Hu

    Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu, architects and international designers based in Shanghai, China. Trained as architects at Harvard and Princeton universities, respectively. Here are some of their designs; […]


    Jaime Hayón, Spanish designer of international fame, has been in charge of designing the interior design of The Hotel Barceló Torre de Madrid, located in one of the […]

    Serpentine Galleries 2017 designed by Diébédo Francis Kéré.

    IntegralDesingFactory / 22 February, 2017 / Architecture
     Serpentine Galleries has selected the architect Diébédo Francis Kéré to design the Serpentine Pavilion 2017 in Kensington Gardens in London. It will be his firts work design in […]


    The Manta Resort, on the Pemba Island of Tanzania, offers a somewhat quirky room for sea lovers, it is an accommodation located 250 meters from the coast, in […]