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    IntegralDesingFactory / 4 May, 2017 / Architecture, Bioclimatic, design

    The concept of a façade as a structural and heavy element has disappeared, and has become a skin, an envelope that in addition to being a structural element, also act as a protective sun or wind filter, decorative element …

    Below we show you some projects that are characterized by their facade system;

    Headquarters / estudio Herreros

    In this project,  the skin has several objectives; give a new image to the existing building, protect the sun and provide good maintenance.

    The material of the skin is aluminum lacquered in three shades of similar colors.

    Homeostatic Facade / Decker Yeadon Architects

    The envelope of this building is characterized by being a homeostatic facade. This skin consists of a material that acts as an artificial muscle that according to the solar radiation and the heat that is filtered, it expands or contracts naturally, without any programming.

    Mediterranean House / Manuel Ocaña

    The envelope of this project is located inside the building, it is an open space where the skin goes over part of the walls and roof. The skin is formed by a latticework of aluminum rings, which aims to pacify the encounter between the new and the existing.


    Images: ArchDaily , David Frutos, estudio Herreros