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    Sustainable material in your home – Cork

    IntegralDesingFactory / 18 June, 2018 / Architecture, design, Sin categoría, Sustainability

    Cork is a material that has many advantages for use in your home.

    Firts of all, it is a sustainable product, 100% natural, ecological, biodegradable and reciclable material.

    Regarding its technical properties, it is an excellent termal and acoustic insulator. It is also a waterproof material, wich makes it an ideal coating for the kitchen or bathroom.

    Other advantages of this material, is the resistance to wear and impact of objects. And also its aesy installation due to its lightness and elasticity.  In addition another feature is that it is a fairly inexpensive material.

    Once we have named all the technical advantages that cork has, it must be mentioned that it can also form a decorative element. Next, we show you some application examples for your home.

    Images: Pinterest