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    The Factory

    IntegralDesingFactory / 22 March, 2017 / Architecture, Decor, nice place

    Ricardo Bofill, architect graduated from the Barcelona  University School of Architecture and the School of Geneva. In 1973, Ricardo Bofill found an abandoned cement factory and decided to create there his headquarters of the Architecture Workshop, his house and gardens.

    The cement Factory built in the first period of industrialization in Cataluña, has been built in different stages. The process of transformation takes place from the deconstruction of some elements to expose shapes and recover spaces.

    The large gardens of the Factory, covered with lawn along with eucalyptus, palm trees, olive trees, climbing plants …. They give the building a unique space.

    The studio is located in the silos of the Factory, four floors connected with a spiral staircase that houses the offices, a model laboratory, library, meeting rooms and exhibitions and a large multipurpose open space called the Cathedral , for make concerts, exhibitions …

    The house, also located in the factory, is formed by large spaces of the Factory, divided into two floors.

    This project demonstrates how the architect has perfectly adapted a new space regardless of the original function.


    Images: Ricardo Bofill