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    Urban Agora Brussels

    IntegralDesingFactory / 19 December, 2017 / Architecture, design, Urban Design

    The architects COBE and BRUT won the Project of a new space for the Place Schuman roundabout located in the center of European district of Brussels.  Now, the Place has a lot of traffic of vehicles and the Project proposes to pedestrianize the entire roundabout with an agora witn a large open circular roof.  Pascal Smet, Brussels Minister of Mobility , says: “Place Schuman shows the change this city is making. We are going from a city of cars to a city for people”.

    The agora is designed as concentric circles, inspired by the European Parliaments´hemicycle.  This circles also continue in the pavement, emphasizing Place Schuman even more. The agora covered with a roof structure reflecting the square and the people below.

    Images : COBE Architects